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Vessel on the Shelf

That is how I’m feeling now. Sunday the 12th was my last day as worship leader at the church and now I join D wandering, waiting, wanting… Fifteen years I spent as part of the worship ministry, the last nine … Continue reading

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Ripping off the scab

I have been trying to figure out how to tell the story, recount the events of the emotional, spiritual, physical manipulation of my daughter and ultimately her rape. I don’t know if there is a ‘best’ way, so here goes… … Continue reading

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Plastic People

Why do Christians think plastic is good? Why do we think it is all about looking perfect? Why do we put on stupid, syrupy sweet faces, say we are coming from God and then take a swipe at someone because … Continue reading

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Black and White

Many years ago we adults were in a room talking about television.  We were talking about current television shows and someone mentioned an old show.  Their son came walking through and added to the conversation, “I don’t like gray shows.” … Continue reading

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“Best day ever!”

These were the words of my 12 year old Sunday evening. We had returned to _our church_ on our own accord to worship with our family! Home! That evening my 12 year old and I went to a sporting event … Continue reading

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Litmus Test

Tonight is the big meeting.  This is the one after removing E from leadership.  This is the one where I make the call as to whether I rescind my resignation or keep it as written. The meeting is at my … Continue reading

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Tonight, the elders manned up. They asked E to step down.  Well, actually, they put him on an indefinite sabbatical.  I don’t know exactly what that means, but they have removed him from all positions of leadership and he is … Continue reading

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