One Last Time

Today is S’s last day at the church.

S resigned because he was tired of not trusting leadership.

S asked me to come for his last Sunday at the church.  I agreed.  I feel kind of sick, but I am going.

The church has already replaced me.  They are thrilled that the new pastor has sold his house and moved here.  The church has already replaced S.  They are taking a huge step backwards.

Backwards.  That is the direction the whole church is going.  Two years ago, the church was going in this direction.  After 2 years, it had finally turned around.  Now it is back on course.

Attendance is down so much they are eliminating one service entirely.  They were running just under 200 when we came and were running almost 300 when we left.  Now they have 150ish.

They went from a determined expositor preacher to a feel-good, all over  the map preacher.

They went from a worship leader who could lead worship to one who likes to lead hoe downs.

Yeah.  This is going to work.

About shepherd

I am a pastor at a local church.
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