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What goes on inside the stained glass walls.

Normal Sickness

E is gone and that is good.  It by no means makes this church healthy. Today I got word that one of our small groups have been getting together, not to study the Word and do life together, but to … Continue reading

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Plastic People

Why do Christians think plastic is good? Why do we think it is all about looking perfect? Why do we put on stupid, syrupy sweet faces, say we are coming from God and then take a swipe at someone because … Continue reading

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Press Release

For immediate release to the press regarding the continued illness of the church. Thank you, family, friends and members of the media for your continued care for our troubled patient.  After the tumor was removed, the patient is stabilized and … Continue reading

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I received an email from E’s youngest son yesterday. He is attending a college that has asked to come share (recruit) at ___our church___. He contacted me on the premise of seeking contact info for them to arrange details. He asked if … Continue reading

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Ministry Revived

My wife is headed up to take a shower.  We have guests coming for dinner. A and A are leaders in our youth ministry–volunteers who fell under E’s tyranny.  We haven’t invited them because of that, but because the youth … Continue reading

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Color me Gullible

Funny thing.  Pastors seem to be gullible people.  Especially me. Last Sunday a lady at church said, “I really need to get some sound spiritual counsel because I am thinking about getting involved in a new business.” I made an … Continue reading

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I am not drinking any Kool-ade no matter what they offer me, and just in case the lunacy is in the water…

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