Plastic People

Why do Christians think plastic is good?

Why do we think it is all about looking perfect?

Why do we put on stupid, syrupy sweet faces, say we are coming from God and then take a swipe at someone because they don’t look as perfectly plastic as we?

Why do we make up rules for how everyone should behave and then beat them to death until they look as plastic as we do?  Why are we more concerned with the painted plastic on the outside and miss the hollowed out inside?

Why would we rather blather about our black and white, plastic theology than care for another human being who is made out of flesh?

Someone should remind us that plastic people are dead.

About shepherd

I am a pastor at a local church.
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3 Responses to Plastic People

  1. vernon says:

    kind of like the “I wanna be a clone” if you wanna be one of his, you gotta act like one of us

  2. richard hood says:

    Did someone forget that if Jesus used the same standard, we would all end up in hell.
    I accept him as my lord and savior,thus all my sins-past,present,and future are forgiven me.
    You want to live under the law,good luck-you will need it.
    I’ll take grace every time.

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