Litmus Test

Tonight is the big meeting.  This is the one after removing E from leadership.  This is the one where I make the call as to whether I rescind my resignation or keep it as written.

The meeting is at my house, over dinner.  I intend to have on the table, bread and wine (ok, really juice, but hey, this is a religious piece and we call it wine even though it is not, even knowing that if we left it out just a few hours, it would be, but God help us if a drop of alcohol passes our lips….)  We will eat our soup and then break the bread and drink the wine while we talk about the church.

The bread and wine remind us that we are dealing with something of huge importance–the body and blood of Jesus.

How do I decide if I stay or if I go?

I have made a list of things.  I have checked my list over and over.

My list is useless.  I have not organized the meeting as a meeting.  A meeting is not what we need.

We don’t need a list of criteria.  We need something more.

I need to see these guys are human.  I need them to corporately back away from the bullying of E.  I need them to recognize their own frailty.  I need to see them stop being “elders” and start being men.

I wish I knew that would be the case.  For years, they have been untouchable.  They have to come down from their pedestal.

So, my litmus test is humanity.


Follow up….Am I nuts?  We need better criteria than that!  I need my lists.


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I am a pastor at a local church.
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3 Responses to Litmus Test

  1. vernon says:

    thank you tony evans

  2. Eklunds says:

    Hope humanity prevailed.

  3. Josey says:

    Kind of ironic that “spirituality” can make the elders less human. Jesus, in his desire to connect with us, took on the form of Man. Doesn’t that suggest that we should become more touchable?

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