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Thoughts about me.

Two Decisions

My wife (SW) and I have been talking about this whole situation (shocked?). There are two separate decisions that will be made this week.  At first, I thought they would be one and the same.  I don’t think they are. The first … Continue reading

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I have a friend who wrote and said, “I hope you can forgive E.” I guess I hope so too. I know I am supposed to forgive.  I am not sure what that looks like. Does it look like waving … Continue reading

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Exciting New Author

Today S handed in his resignation and became just what he has been all along, my friend.  No longer a co-worker at a dangerous church, but just a friend. So I sent him a link to this blog.  :)  I … Continue reading

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The Identity Search

I am sitting in my office at “work.”  I just wrote my article for the bulletin.  I am putting together my powerpoint.  Like nothing happened. But in my soul, I know I don’t belong here. Next week, I will start … Continue reading

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Yesterday M told me he wants me to continue to preach until the beginning of May.  I told him I would. Wierdness. Do I just preach like everything is the same as last week? I guess I just preach the … Continue reading

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Thanks, God.

Today was a really long day. I began by sitting down with the pastoral staff at church and telling them I was resigning.  Then a meeting with M, the chairman of the elders. M was truly saddened by the whole … Continue reading

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The Bow.

Dear Elders, It is with great sadness I write this letter.  Six months ago I came to ____our church_____—called by God to be her pastor.  I came in good faith, at significant cost to my family and intending to spend … Continue reading

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