I am the pastor of a local church.  We are not large, nor are we small.  I live in a suburb of a large US city with my wife and three children.  I have been in the pastoral ministry for over 20 years.  The first time I preached a sermon was to a congregation of 6 people.  I made 7.  Currently, I serve at a church of 300.

I recently moved to my current pastorate after a long and good ministry in a relatively new church in a very small town.  My transition back into a traditional church has reminded me how difficult being a pastor can be.  I decided to blog about being a pastor to allow me to give voice to thoughts that would not be interesting or well received at church.

If it is uninteresting, or offensive to you, please don’t stick around and read it.

Move on.  Nothing to see here.

If you are a layman (for lack of a better term) read glimpses into the mind of a regular pastor.

If you are a pastor, I hope you will hear your own thoughts reflected and hopefully be encouraged.  If nothing else, you are not alone.

I have opted to keep my name from being attached to the blog for obvious reasons.

Several people have asked me if I worry about my blog being discovered.  The short answer is, “Yes.”  I even blogged about it.

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