No, not the justification that comes through the cross, the kind necessary when you buy new furniture.

Recently we bought new furniture for our house.  Every time someone comes by and they make a comment about the new furniture, I jump to say, “We have always had ratty furniture and we just decided it was time to get some new–so we spent money from the sale of our house to get some.”

It is like I am worried they will think they are paying me too much.  Or maybe I worry they will think me irresponsible with my money.

No one has even said anything remotely like that.  What is wrong with me?

About shepherd

I am a pastor at a local church.
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3 Responses to Justification

  1. Steve Barber says:

    I am so familiar with that! Being a missionary on support, it does feel like you have to justify every expense. That’s why I take some odd jobs to pay for my hobbies…..

  2. shepherd says:

    I know from hearing church people (not here but elsewhere) talk about the spending of other ministers and I get nervous about what they say about me..

    I should get over it.

  3. vernon says:

    a friend of mine who is a pastor, his wife was told that they must be getting paid too much if she can afford a new dress.( Itwas her birthday present from her mother)

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