A Short Rant

You know what really bugs the crap out of me?

Today we had a spectacular service.  The music hit every note (ha ha) the preaching was excellent (as usual) and everything went without a hitch.  It ran very smoothly and was powerful.  That was the evaluation of several of the elders.

This is my job.  I do it well.  Why the %#$@% would we put T and me in the same box and say, “take it or leave it.”  T doesn’t do HIS job.  Because I give that evaluation in a closed door elders meeting, now I am lumped in with him.

After the big meeting, T said to me with a laugh, “You know, I haven’t done squat with small groups.  If I get to preach once a month, I’ll really put a lot of effort into them.”  Well, I guess throwing a fit and intentionally not doing your job does have its rewards.

We start up small groups in another month or so…I haven’t seen any promotion at all.  T submitted a vacation request for the second or third week after they begin.  I had better approve it or his wife might send the elders a nasty email.

end of rant.

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I am a pastor at a local church.
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2 Responses to A Short Rant

  1. ch says:

    Cartoon in local paper this week, shows two chimps sitting on a limb. One says to the other,” you throw poop like a girl”. Why does that remind me of your board?

  2. TS says:

    Because that is an accurate statement of our board. I cannot write anything nice about them, I have dealt with the varying and not so varying members for 20+ years. This is the same Sh** as always. No responsibility, no accountability, and God forbid you ask them a direct question. It won’t get an answer.

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