Rumbles of Freedom

This morning, when I told the church staff that E had been put on “indefinite sabbatical” there was a cheer.  The room felt lighter.

As we talked, cheers gave way to tears.  E has been around a long time and has had daily (and oppressive) interaction with one of the pastors.  She has worked directly with him for nearly seven years.  She is not sure what ministry will look like without him.  How will she get things accomplished?  Off of whom should she bounce ideas?

Things got quiet.

“Truthfully, I just got used to doing what I was told.”


It means E doesn’t have control any more.  It also means we have to figure out how to work on our own.

We have been told what to think so long, we have forgotten how.  We are like battered women who have to learn to manage their own money.


Freedom is exciting.  It is also scary.

I get the opportunity to lead the staff to know how to live in freedom.  I get to help them experience ministry without a bully.

I am ready.

About shepherd

I am a pastor at a local church.
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