About S

Readers of www.wanderingshepherd.org know S.

S  was the worship leader/minister of the same church where I preach.  He has been serving there for nearly 8 years.

S and his family have been part of this same church for 20 years.  He has known about God since birth–being born into a missionary family leaves very little chance of not hearing about God.

He is a husband, father, friend, poet, song writer, and musician.  Music has always been instrumental in his life (sorry, couldn’t resist). His wife T and he have 3 wonderful children.

S and I have been friends since I arrived.  The wandering you read here has forged our friendship deeper.

I am extremely pleased S is willing to blog here along with me.  His insight is real and deep.


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One Response to About S

  1. vernon says:

    hey s do me a favor and tell the shepherd I am praying for me and if you are secure enough give me a hug from me and a kiss right on the forehead! (avoid the widows peak, I know we all have our limits)

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