I think I told you, even though I resigned, I am still preaching today.

My wife, SW, asked me, “On a scale of 1 to 100 how apprehensive are you.”  105.

The church knows nothing.  It is by design.  That is how this church has been led for many years.  Just keep them in the dark and tell them to trust us that it is really light.

Today is no different.  Only it is me standing in front of them talking about light.

Lord, please give me strength to face the calling you have given me.

About shepherd

I am a pastor at a local church.
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One Response to Preaching.

  1. richard hood says:

    Bro, leave it in the Lord’s hands.
    I shared your story in bible study this morning-there are some wicked powerful prayer warriors in that group.
    Mine are with you as well.
    You know how to get in touch if you want.

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