Absurd, Meet Absurder…

So it has been almost two weeks since I received the letter from the elders and the next day sent my response.  I have yet to hear back from them answering any of my questions.

I wrote R to ask if they were going to respond to my quesions before I met with T, and then we could talk about it all together.  Great.  So, what I learned is that we are not even on speaking terms.  They are playing a stupid power game.  Their power is their silence.

I have to be honest, it doesn’t intimidate me, but it does tick me off.  I am so incredibly insulted they think so low of me.  What makes them think this is how you treat anyone–much less the pastor of your church??  I guess because they are the powerful ones.  The leaders.  The ones who lord their power over me.

I met with T today as was the plan.

T’s gripe is two fold.  First, he wants to preach.  Second, he doesn’t think I care enough about the congregation.  He perceives (and apparently a lot of people do) my introverted personality as lack of caring.  Because I don’t glad hand everyone like some desperate politician, I don’t care about them.

I decided my plan was to let T air his gripes and then let him talk about what he wants.  I suspect it is his and his wife’s political activities which brought us to this point, so I guess I will play by their rules.

I listened, and asked him what he thought needed to be done.  Then we cobbled it together into a proposal for the elders.  Here is the long and sort of it…

We propose one of two plans…

First, I suggest we just switch jobs.  I would do the small group ministry and he could preach and lead and glad hand until his heart was content.

Second, I could let him preach 1/4 of the time and spend time going calling with him.  He would, of course, do what he hasn’t done yet–work on small groups.

Both of these proposals are absurd.  T is a horrible preacher and all of the elders know it, but preaching is the main thing he needs to be happy, so we proposed it.

It is, of course, all about making T and T’s wife happy.  :)

We shall see what happens.

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I am a pastor at a local church.
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6 Responses to Absurd, Meet Absurder…

  1. ch says:

    Run for your life! It’s contagious! Proverbs 14:7

  2. Mrs. Ekie says:

    It would be so nice to just be able to walk away.

  3. betsy says:

    just weird! so strange. what are they thinking?

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