Stress Cracks

You know, stress cracks are not just for buildings.  I guess we will keep stressing and see when it all comes tumbling down.

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I am a pastor at a local church.
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2 Responses to Stress Cracks

  1. betsy says:

    ‘Course when this falls down, we will see what new thing has been growing behind it all this time. This whole process reminds me of that passage at the end of Hebrews 12 where God talks about shaking the earth and the created order so that what can fall away, will fall away, and so that the “things that cannot be shaken” will remain. What are those things that cannot be shaken? Having walked from a distance through these past few mos., years, with you guys, I can name a few:
    truth-telling, fierce commitment to family and to righteous friends, faithfulness to God even in the dark, value for working hard, and an unrelenting sense of humor.

  2. W says:

    Thank you Betsy. Those words bless me greatly.

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