telling my story

For about a month now I’ve been trying to figure out how to share what life has been like for our family since we found out our daughter had been raped. It continues to become easier to talk about it openly with Shepherd, but I am having a real hard time putting it into words for others to ‘hear’. 

Everytime I start, anger comes up. I want to be done being angry. The physical pain I felt comes up. I want to be done hurting. The doubts I had about my ability to be a dad resurface. I want to be done doubting. I want to be done.

I know there is healing in telling, I’ve felt that with the help of the Shepherd. So bare with me.

Maybe I’ll start small.

Almost two years ago… my then 13 year old daughter was raped.

~ S



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6 Responses to telling my story

  1. shepherd says:

    My eyes are damp already. Thanks for beginning your story.

  2. vernon says:

    Believe me my brother I understand. I have a daughter who was molested by someone I thought of as a friend but is now and evermore know as Ratbastard, and I also had a 16 yr daughter who was a foster daughter at that time that was raped. Vengeance may be Gods but I was and am willing to be His instrument. Ask the Shepherd, he knows.

  3. Josey says:

    S, thank you for telling your story. I think it is worth telling, though painful. I hope in the end, you will see much healing. I hope you will feel Grace. And in between, I don’t doubt there is anger and confusion, and that is perfectly acceptable too.

  4. Blossoms says:

    I am wife of S….it is a hard road to go, but God is good. It will take time for us to move past the worst of the anger. And yet, I will be angered forever by those who hurt the least of these….
    It will be a long story, not short. Much has happened toward healing, but much remains. I am thankful to the Shepherd for opening a door to healing.

  5. richard hood says:

    Joy shared is increased.
    Pain shared is diminished.
    In your telling, may pain turn to joy.
    And may we share both with you.

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