Rob Bell Video for Eklund

Watch live streaming video from lovewins at

This is for Ecklund. I guess the rest of you can watch it if you want! :)

It is empty for the first 11 mins and then it gets good.

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6 Responses to Rob Bell Video for Eklund

  1. Eklund says:

    I got to 49 minutes and just could not watch it anymore. I felt his views were more of a philosophy he’s put together, rather than views based on the scripture. The last few minutes I watched when he was discussing the wide and narrow path, he seemed to go out of his way NOT to mention that Jesus came. He is not mentioning man’s need for Christ’s redemtion. He’s not mentioning sin, the depravity of man, how man can never, never come to God except through Jesus. These are truths of scripture. He’s putting salvation on man, not Jesus. He’s continually saying that heaven comes, when we are good, peaceful, nice, generous people. What he is failing to see is that in and of ourselves, no matter what good deeds we do, we can never, ever be acceptable to God without the righteousness of Christ covering us….we are all sinners and therefore unacceptable to God without Christ. I sort of hope you put this here to make people think rather than that people would follow this doctrine. There are way too many false statements and ignoring of scripture in what he says.

  2. shepherd says:

    I have to admit, I LOVE Rob Bell.

    Like I said, I don’t agree with him, but I am not ready to toss him out on his ear either.

    I did put it here to make people think. :) Thinking is good.

    • Eklund says:

      The parts that I did take in that are worthy, are the parts about service to humanity. Loving people, serving the poor, doing what is right in the world. That is something that all people and especially Christians….followers of Christ are called to do. The part that I find so disturbing is glossing over the incredible sacrifice that Jesus made when He went to the cross willingly for the sins of mankind. There are no words for this act. BUT, it is what my beliefs are completely hinged upon. Without Christ, all is for nothing.

  3. shepherd says:

    Rob doesn’t gloss easily over the death of Jesus. He doesn’t give it its proper place in this interview, but when I listen to his work over the years, I know him to be very solid.

    He certainly has some areas I don’t agree with, but he is certainly within the stream of Christian orthodoxy.

    Interestingly, I was talking to another friend and he noted that Bell is not too far from CS Lewis on this subject. It has been years since I read The Great Divorce. I need to.

  4. vernon says:

    celebrating365 days without cutting. what a great picture of the church. I don’t think that his idea of the general goodness of man is entirely correct. but who is? I gotta say overall I am kinda liking Rob Bell too.

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