Excitement in our house

At the beginning of my ‘imposed’ sabbatical our children didn’t understand why E thought we were broken, but they were troopers in dealing with a few weeks away from our church family. When we resigned, their hearts were broken. Broken, because they wouldn’t be able to serve with their friends, broken because a family friend (E) was pushing us away. Broken.

Now that E is gone and trust is being rebuilt with the remaining elders, and I’m staying on as the worship leader, our kids can hardly contain their excitement!!!

We took a handful of days away from home this past week, hoping our mush minds would at least solidify to a Jello state. :) (They did) We left for home yesterday afternoon and for most of the 5 hour drive all we heard was, “can we go to church tonight?!”. We answered, “of course you can”.

It was nice to have that decision as ours.


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5 Responses to Excitement in our house

  1. Josey says:

    It broke my heart to hear your children cry — “Why can’t we go to church?” There was not a good answer. I am glad now, they can see the real answer, “Because E is a bully.” And more importantly, E is no longer here to bully us.

  2. vernon says:

    I did not realize that E had stopped you from worshipping with the rest of your family how sad. How great that you are reunited and that your children are recovering as well. Please keep encouraging the difference between God and Gods people. My daughter still is bitter because of the pain God’s people caused us

    • S says:

      Great point vernon, reminding our children to ultimately listen to God rather than “God’s people” is a mantra will we will resound for a long time.

  3. shepherd says:

    Dang…S gets all the comments.

    Those stinkin’ musicians are so cool everyone wants to talk to them. :)

  4. richard hood says:

    I’m glad for all of you.
    God is working a great work in this church family
    it gives me great joy.

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