Hello, my name is S…

…and I was bullied. But I am no longer! (reserved happy dance… no, who am I kidding, UNHINDERED HAPPY DANCE!!!!) I am honored to be part of this conversation. My journey is a tale of its own and I look forward to sharing where I, we (family) have been and what is coming.

But first a little about me. I was the worship leader/minister of ___ for nearly 8 years. I am still a worship leader, my congregation is just a little smaller now. :) My family has been part of ___ for 20 years, our faith DNA was formed here by many a good person, and a few not so good people.

I’ve known about God since birth, being born into a missionary family leaves very little chance of not hearing about God. :) I have been a follower of Christ for 30+ years. I have been a disciple of Christ for the last 15 to 20. I am a husband, father, friend, poet, song writer, and musician.  Music has always been instrumental in my life (sorry, couldn’t resist). My wife T and I have 3 wonderful children; one has been broken and one has a chronic illness. We only see the beauty of God in them, restoring them and sustaining them.

We are not anxious about tomorrow, nor do we fret of the lost income. We have seen real love, we have tasted real hope, we have felt the arms of comfort. I’ll save the details for a later post. Ask me questions, I will answer. Give me guidance, I will listen. Pray with me, I am grateful.


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5 Responses to Hello, my name is S…

  1. shepherd says:

    Welcome aboard, friend.

    Two shepherds wandering. If we wander together, we are not alone.

  2. Eklunds says:

    Glad you are here. Glad you know the wandering shepherd. I’ve known him for 30 somthing years and he’s a solid man, husband, father and pastor. We’ll pray for you. For your family and for God to work in mighty ways as only He can to bring healing. We’ve had our need for healing and while God did not bring complete healing….He did bring many miracles. God is able to complete His perfect will.

  3. richard hood says:

    S,good to hear from you.
    your story fills me with wonder at how our God can take such tragic circumstance and use it to lift us up. I know you all have much still to overcome,but your faith both shames and empowers me.
    My love and prayers are with y

    • S says:

      To be used by God through this tragedy is humbling, for it to radically change our church… I’m floored. All for His glory!

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