Apologies to anyone who reads regularly, life has been so crazy, I haven’t had much time to write.  So let me sum it up with four interactions.

First, I met with M and shared my concerns about E.  He listened.  He sees E’s belligerence and would like to see us make some incremental changes. I think he knew, but now he knows who E is.  The question is whether he will do anything about it.  He sticks by the elders decision to send S on a sabbatical for a while to help “get his family in order.”  He didn’t get that all of the information he has regarding S’s situation is through the eyes of E.  No one even talked to S.

“Getting his family in order,” is code for, “Letting E decide whether he thinks S should come back.”  What is the mess in S’s house?  His daughter was raped by someone at the church and she has anxiety at church.  She is making progress, but E thinks it should be instant and complete.  Also, S should be without pain.

Second, we had an elders meeting.  It is, apparently, time for a review of my performance.  We discussed S’s sabbatical, I expressed my frustration at not being in the communication loop with the whole process.  I told them that I was completely against how they were dealing with S–that I thought it was counterproductive for S and his family.  They said they had prayed and this was the right path.  I feel a little like Jeremiah 14.  The end result, if people ask anything about S’s absence, I am to respond that, “We decided it was a good idea for S.”

Third, I met with E.  He spun everything well.  He should work in Washington.

Fourth, and lastly, I met with a friend.  For the first time, I shared with someone what was going on here.  It was refreshing to speak with someone from the outside who could tell me I wasn’t just crazy.  He was a glass of cold water.

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I am a pastor at a local church.
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7 Responses to People.

  1. Chas says:

    WE decided? Not TOO disingenuous. I guess you at least know what you are dealing with. (out here in charismania land that would be characterized as “a religious spirit” – probably as good an explanation as any.)

    Won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t post this comment. I am sorely P.O.’d for you. Will pray when I calm down. Did these folks by any chance go to school with J.W.?

    • shepherd says:


      One of the things that made my friend so refreshing was the very thing you express. He was as angry as I. His revulsion to the situation reminded me that I need to be careful not to breath too deeply the smoky air that makes everyone here feel good about their own righteousness.

      I suppose the asilem seems sane to those who are inside.

  2. Chas says:

    In the circles where I earn my daily bread one who demonstrates an uncommon lack of sound judgment is said to be “eat up with the dumba*s”. Seems to fit. YOU are not nuts.


  3. vernon says:

    I love how they have decided you will present a united front. “we decided” keep up the fight!

  4. sjb says:

    WE decided? Huh! Sounds like they got the preacher lying for them now. Honesty mighty say, “The Board decided…”

    But then there’s that new mortgage….

  5. vernon says:

    you were looking for a job when you found that one, and always remember “we’ve been kicked out of better places than this”

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