House over Hallmark

House is a Fox television show about an arrogant doctor who leads the diagnostic department of a fictitious hospital.  He is crude, direct, and very interesting.  The show is ostensibly about House and his team of physicians working to figure out the most difficult medical cases that come into the hospital.  The show is really about the most difficult issues in society.

They deal with genocide, God, parental issues, sexual issues, relational problems, friendship, etc.  They approach it entirely from a worldly perspective, but handle things reasonably evenly.

They never tie things up neatly.  The really tough issues in our world don’t resolve.  That is why they are tough issues.

Hallmark, on the other hand, resolves everything.  Whatever difficulties arise, they are quickly and neatly solved.

I can only take so much Hallmark.  It just rings hollow.

I want my preaching to be House preaching.  I want to say the things that need to be said, even if it is not popular.  I want to let issues be as tough as they are.  I want to discuss them, add my understanding to them, but I don’t want to resolve the unresolvable.

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I am a pastor at a local church.
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One Response to House over Hallmark

  1. chas says:

    I think that is the only real way to affirm that He is God and we’re not.

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